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Call for potential investors

EASE is a online and offline travel agency, which cover the sale of flight tickets, the booking of furnished apartments and hotels, vacation tour , car rental, sale of travel insurance, sale of intercity bus tickets, visa assistance, etc.

Our clients for these various services are companies based in Cameroon and individuals here and abroad.

EASE aims to bring together all travellers, combining urban mobility and tourism services on a single platform (website and mobile application) and would like to open 20% of its capital to investors with the aim of raising money to finance its growth.

EASE operates in a market of almost 500 billion XAF.

  • More than 1,300,000 travellers through Cameroon in 2016 ( source: Civil Aviation Authority of Cameroon - 2016 ). Considering an average ticket price of 350,000 XAF, for ticketing, this is a market of more than 266 billion XAF in 2020 and 477 billion XAF in 2030 (annual traffic growth of 6%).
  • Over 700 furnished apartments in the cities of Douala, Yaoundé and Kribi ( source: airbnb ). With an average price of 50,000 XAF / day and an occupancy rate of 40%, we estimate this market at more than 5 billion XAF.
  • Cameroon has more than 785 classified hotels ( source: , 2017 ), with an occupancy rate of 40%, an average price per room of 40,000 XAF and an average number of 40 rooms per hotel, we estimate the hotel market at above 183 billion XAF for the entire country.
  • Car rentals: a rental fleet of over 500 cars in the cities of Yaoundé for a market of more than 5.48 billion, considering an average price of 60,000 XAF per day and an occupancy rate of 50%.
  • In 2018 (April to December) EASE posted sales of 194,225,000 XAF (plane tickets and car rentals).
  • In 2019, a turnover of XAF 608,225,000 (Airline tickets, car rental, tourist stays, Visa Assistance, Travel insurance, etc.)
  • Following the fundraising, the target for 2020, (figures revised following the COVID-19 pandemic), will be sales of 744,900,000 XAF, 3,423,000,000 XAF in 2021 and 6,582,000,000 XAF in 2022.
  • For more information, please download the documents below and then, if interested, complete the subscription form.


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